Our Process


One call will get all of your questions answered. Common questions include:

How long will it take for your loved to get out of jail? How much will it cost? Will I need to co-sign? When is the next time they’ll be able to call me?

Don’t hesitate to call. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. Including holidays, late at night, and every weekend. We’re available when other companies aren’t.


Payment is simple; meet us at our office (two blocks away from the jail) or get the paperwork and payment link emailed directly to you in the comfort of your own  home. Don’t sweat co-signing. We do the rest.

Once we’re hired, we go down to the jail immediately to visit your loved one and tell them we’re getting them out of jail.


It takes us about an hour to do everything on our end. We can relay any message you want to your loved one. We’ll text you updates every step of the way. Once we turn in the release paperwork, the jail takes about 2 hours to let them out of jail. We’ll make sure your loved one knows that they’ll have a ride once they get out.


Why Choose Us

A few good reasons

No Co-Signing

No Co-Signing

We don't require you to be on the hook for your loved one in case they don't show up for court. Most companies require this. But we don't. Since we're here to help you at a more affordable rate, simpler process.

Fast Service

Fast Service

Once we're hired, we go down to the jail immediately to let your loved one know they're getting out soon. It takes us an hour to finish our process. We update you once we've turned in the release paperwork so you know when to pick them up.

Flat Fee

Flat Fee

We don't have any hidden fees or other services fees. We believe in affordable rates. With a bail bondsman, once your loved one walks out the front door of jail, your money's gone. But with us, your money goes towards their representation.


Hear directly from our clients

Jessica Ramos

I can’t be more happy and pleased with the service they have provided me with. No joke I called to see if they can assist me, after providing the amount that was needed with 10 min I had a call of the guy that goes and see our love one and told me everything that needed to be done and kept me very informed of everything.... you will not regret the great professional service they provided to the clients.....

Lance Duncan

Tony Sun is extremely professional and knowledgeable. My gf was arrested and he quickly got her released from jail. He followed through and stuck by our side throughout the case and he is extremely fair with his rates. He made the process of retaining him very simple. He went above and beyond and was extremely fair and fit into my budget well. I felt very comfortable and knew I was in good hands from the very start. I would recommend them to anyone.


Tony answered my call in the middle of the night. He immediately came to meet me and calmly walked me through how to help my loved-one. Tony continued to communicate with me throughout the process and went above and beyond every other lawyer I contacted. I was so impressed with his dedication and professionalism. It is clear he really cares for his clients.


Available 24/7, nights and weekends.