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What Does Bond Surrender Mean?

If a bail bondsman’s client missed court and has a bond forfeiture warrant, the bondsman can withdraw or surrender from someone’s bond. The bail bondsman will more than likely go to their client’s home early in the morning or late at night. If the bondsman sees them there, they will call the police and tell them the person has an active warrant, and the police will arrest them. Once the client is in jail, the bail bondsman can ask the court to withdraw their liability as their surety.

If a co-signer on a surety bond has a falling out with the defendant, or the defendant is not living up to their end of the bail bond agreement, they can reach out to the bail bondsman and withdraw their bond. Co-signers have rights, and they are on the hook for the entire bond if the defendant doesn’t show up to court. The bail bonding company may also be having issues with a defendant who isn’t checking in or there is a risk of them leaving town. They can go to the court before the defendant’s court date and ask to be withdrawn as the surety company, surrendering the defendant back into the custody of the state.