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Can You Leave The State on a Bail Bond?

If you are released from jail on a surety bond, you will need to discuss with your bail bondsman the rules they have about leaving the state and what is written in your contract. You can leave the state on any other type of bail bond (cash or personal bond) as long as there is not a monitoring condition that is attached to your bond, AND you are back in time for your court date. 

If you have an EM condition, it means you are on house arrest, and in that case you can’t leave your home at all unless for work or an approved errand by your monitoring officer. A GPS condition tracks where you go, and you are only allowed to go within a certain radius of the GPS office. If you leave the state, the signal will get lost, thus violating your condition of bond. 

If you have supervision as a condition, you are required to check in monthly with your officer, but there is no device monitoring where you go. You must get permission from them to leave the state before you travel. Again, your court dates are a top priority, so if you leave the state, you need to make sure you are back to go to court.