How to Satisfy Your Austin Bail Bond

In most cases, getting out with a Lawyer is preferred over getting out with an Austin Bail Bondsman. Your loved one gets out of jail and they have a lawyer. But for Assault Family Violence, it is not so black and white.

First, we must discuss magistration and the conditions added by the judge during magistration. These are the required conditions of getting out of jail no matter what. With an Austin Bail Bondsman, with a lawyer, with a cash bond. So it doesn’t matter what way your loved one uses to get out of jail. For example, if GPS in jail, an ankle monitor, is a required condition of getting out of jail, there is no advantage to getting out of jail with an Austin Bail Bondsman. So get a Lawyer to get your loved one out.

But if there are no conditions of magistration, then a judge might put extra conditions like No Contact with Complaining Witness (by phone, email, or in-person). Or the judge might put extra conditions like Stay Away 200 yards from Complaining Witness. If the judge puts these as conditions in addition to the bail bond, it is very difficult for couples to stay together. This is impractical for most families because they live together and the condition can last for the entire case, which can be up to 2 years if your loved one requests a trial.

Or you can try a hybrid approach. Have the lawyer try to get a personal bond with the judge with no conditions. This is possible most of the time if there is a supportive Victim Input form that the Complaining Witness. If the judge doesn’t add extra conditions, then turn in the Personal Bond. If the judge adds extra conditions on the bond, then get an Austin Bail Bondsman.

So there is more than one smart way to satisfy an Austin bail bond. There are bond conditions a judge could add for a Personal Bond, which is the legal vehicle a lawyer uses to get people out. But a good lawyer can go to a judge who is most willing to consider all the facts and not put extra conditions. Or put lighter conditions like a Family Violence Evaluation. Or an Alcohol Evaluation if drugs or alcohol were involved.

One disadvantage to getting out with an Austin Bail Bondsman is that you have to constantly check-in. This is not required with a Lawyer. With an Austin Bail Bondsman, they also require your family members to get involved. They require them to cosign for you with collateral or a promise to pay your full bail bond if you don’t show up for court. Or you have to put up your own collateral.

Getting a Lawyer, on the other hand, will save you time and headache. There is no cosigner and there is no collateral.