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How is a Cash Bond Refunded?

If a true cash bond were paid in full to the jail, then you are entitled to that money as long as you went to every court date. It’s refunded when the case is over. That means dismissed, not guilty verdict, guilty verdict, probation or jail time. 

The judge needs to sign an order to refund the cash bond. This isn’t automatic, it must be done by the defendant or their attorney. The county clerk holds the money, and the order needs to be turned into their office. If there are bond forfeiture civil suits filed by the county attorney, then these suits need to be cleared before any money can be refunded. The standard fee for a bond forfeiture civil suit is $330. This will be deducted from the cash bond amount. In addition, a $50 administration fee is deducted for the safekeeping of the funds. You then have the option to be mailed a check or pick up from the county clerks.