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Will Turning Myself in for a Warrant Help Me Get Bail?

If you know you have a warrant, it is a good idea to get out in front of it. If not, it will follow you around until it eventually catches up with you. At that point, you will have no say in how they take you to jail or how long it will take to get released. 

You will more than likely already have a bail bond amount set on your warrant. In the case of a probation warrant, that will be the only time a bail bond amount may not be set. In this situation, your only option is to hire an attorney to help you with a personal bond and talk to a judge to set a bond.

An attorney or a bail bondsman can help you turn yourself in if you have a warrant with a bail bond set. Then you can do a walkthrough, which means turning yourself in to the bonding office of the jail, getting booked in, and quickly getting out. Once that happens, you will no longer have an active warrant, but you will need to return to all of your court dates to take care of your case. 

The advantage of hiring a lawyer to help you with this is that they will go to Pretrial Services before they do the walkthrough. They will find out then and there if any conditions are attached to the warrant. A bail bondsman does not take this step, so any conditions will be a big surprise once you have already been booked into jail.