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What If I Don’t Have Money For Bail?

Hopefully you can get released from jail for free with a personal bond. That is usually the best option. However, if you aren’t eligible for one, and you can’t afford an attorney to help you, or you can’t afford the percentage of your bail bond for a bondsman, you might have to stay in jail until your court date. You can talk to your court appointed lawyer at this time to see if pleading out the case and taking the time you have already served is the best option. This will mean a conviction for your record. 

You may be lucky enough to have loved ones who would be willing to put up the premium to a bail bondsman for your release, so an option would be to ask them for help. There are also organizations with charitable bail funds set up for low-income individuals and social activists who get arrested. The National Bail Fund Network and  The Bail Project are nation-wide organizations established to help people during these times. Texas has charitable bail fund organizations across the state. 

There are other charitable bail funds organizations who are helping support the recent demonstrators who have been arrested for protesting in Texas. Restoring Justice has partnered with The Bail Project to help pay the bail of those in need in Harris County. Protestors in Bexar, Dallas and Harris Counties can also contact the Texas Organizing Project for bail bond relief.